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    whats your favourite workout?

    Whats your Favourite day and time to workout fave routine and single exercise?
    For me it has to be a thursday not sure why maybe because i like doin chest n triceps
    time for me would be mid afternoon about 3 give me plenty of time get up get ready n get my meals suppliments an water in an its abit quieter with people still in work etc

    workout is either chest an triceps or shoulders an legs
    jus somethin about benchpresses that feel right aswell as flys an tri dips an it probably helps add extra that my triceps are alot stronger than they probably should be for someone my size(i workout with somone about twice my size n strength so t be able to beat him on something is great motivation for me)
    an exercise is probably either bench press or lateral raises

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    I don't have a favorite day as my current workout is 4 days and 2 days off and then back to 4 days. Many times I will take 3 days off in between due to work however that is the basis. I enjoy working out after work from 17:00 to 18:30. Currently doing Dorian Yates's "Blood & Guts" routine and it involves:

    2. BACK
    4. LEGS

    My favorite lifts are for the Tricep; this is my favorite muscle. I also enjoy Chest lifts; just seems to be one most people look to for how much you can lift. AND now really am enjoying my Back lifts; love seeing the definition when done working out.

    On another note, I hate working my biceps and legs. I do them because they are a must; especially legs, however I dislike them.

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