Hi, I used to have a good physique, but I lost it in recent years when I allowed mental health issues to overwhelm me.

Now I feel fat and ugly and - worse - exercise makes me faint! Last few times I went to the gym I got dizzy and ill.

So I'm now scared of the gym, which makes it all worse.

I've bought Jefit pro to try and get myself organised and back into the swing of things. I'm doing crunches and pressups in my living room and using a rowing machine to try and get a tolerance for exercise again.

I want to get back in the gym but I'm scared, I'm developing agorophobia and going out is increasingly hard.

I hope that the community here will help me back into the rhythm of bodybuilding and allow me to regain my physique and my (physical) health.

That in turn will improve my self-esteem and confidence and I sorely need both!

See you in the forums!

Kind Regards