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    Preset reps and weights for future workouts?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if this is possible with Jefit.

    I want to set preset reps and weights for future workouts? Example, Week 1 set benchpress to 50kg, week 2 51kg, week 3 52kg, etc.

    So anytime i do a new workout, select the exercise it will have new set of reps and weights?


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    Cosigned, would love this feature.

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    Triple cosigned

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    Or preset the percentage...

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    Quote Originally Posted by demiz View Post
    Or preset the percentage...
    Yes if we could preset the weights via percentage of 1RM that would be fantastic. Although that feature was requested 3 years ago and Jefit aren't bothered about implementing it, so I wouldn't hold your breath!

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    It's a popular request but my advice would be not to hold your breath until it's implemented

    I'd suggest lobbying support@jefit dot com . If enough do that they might move it nearer to the top of the list.

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    I cosign on that also. So far, I find that to be the only flaw. But it is a HUGE flaw! How in the world is this not a thing Workouts consist of reps, sets, and weight. Come on Jefit! Should have been the first statistic that is tuneable in the routine.

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    I cosign also. I have to watch how much I lift on certain moves but I want to hit volume and it takes a lot of time to adjust on the fly.

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