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    everyone gets here only once in a lifetime (or every 7 years)

    I had my first workout today in 7 years. The horrors of eating on a college budget followed by trying to stay alive in Michigan economy for the past 7 years has left me in awful condition. Today was the first step for me on a path I once walked regularly. It is funny how time has a way of taking everything away. I once worked a bench with 275x6x3. Today I did 75 and although I did not feel the burn in the gym I feel things tightening up now. My incline bench was 50 was my decline. I got to get over it though. This is where I need to start in order to re learn form and also not traumatize my muscles or run the risk of injury or illness. Form first...them fame.

    Watch out with my massive 75lb

    So does anyone here remember the first day they went to or returned to the gym? Were you intimidated? overwhelmed? Did you feel like you were millions of miles from your goal?

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    I was relieved. When I returned to the gym after 5 years, I felt like I had found an old friend who I hadn't seen in that time, and I was glad to get reaquainted with.

    The next day I felt like my friend had kicked me in the guts and stabbed me throughout my body. It was great.

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    Remember it well even though over 13 years ago. I wasn't intimidated but that is because I came in with a different frame of mind. Because I had failed too many times before of keeping a routine going I came in this time with a plan. A plan that would allow me to keep lifting for life. A plan that I would record everything and start small with weights so my body could adjust. I was working out for myself so I didn't care how little I was lifting because I knew I would eventually lift much greater weights; and I did.

    We all have to start some place; doesn't matter where it is as long as you just start.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Opusarlo View Post
    Watch out with my massive 75lb
    I started with the bar. All 45lbs of it. So yeah, I feel ya.

    Quote Originally Posted by Robertrogo View Post
    I technically wasn't overwhelmed but just nervous about lifting once again and the fact my girlfriend wanted to keep eating ice cream every single night wasn't helping my goals to beat lean and fit. Every time she would ask me if I wanted ice cream I would have to tell her no because I am trying to keep myself in shape and working out. Still get that every once in a while for I go to the gym at least 5 times a week and I think she is getting tired of that haha.
    My wife was like that for a long while. Then she eventually wanted to start working out too. Now she's on ~1200 calories a day (not including exercise) and fully gets what I was saying.
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