I'm an intermediate to advanced female weight trainee, and want to step up to bodybuilding for a bit more muscle mass. I don't need to lose weight, but could decrease body fat, currently around 20.5%.

I've done a ton of reading, and most is specific to male bodybuilders. I'm 44, and I'm not sure I can eat a crap load of calories without fat gain. I have been improving the quality of food and attempting to eat my body weight in protein grams (very hard), stick to complex carbs and the right kind of fat, and I do protein powder.

Currently on a 2 day upper/lower split 4 days/wk, and would like to say with a 2 day split. Recently focusing more on basic compound, and more barbell (at least lower body). Lower body is where I need more mass. Upper body, some but not as much, I seem to build easily there.

Any advice on volume, intensity, etc would be appreciated! Learned about the ExRx.net site from a post here, love the site. Any thoughts on low volume for gain?