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    A few reasons for me, i generally want all the help i can get, and because i'm quite a fussy eater my diet probably lacks quite abit, an the motivation from knowing your taking something to help always adds to it
    and coming home from the gym, taking some protein and being pretty much fine the next day, as opposed to nearly dead is always good!

    also first time i started creatine i noticed within a day or 2 of taking it i could lift double on some exercises which was just immense then bought some 6th gen apparently super creatine that seems to have very little effect and tastes like shit, but never ending!

    Mass gainer seemed to help me alot aswell, always seemed to feel like a god in the gym more energy, more endurance more everything

    If only i could afford some more!!

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    Coming from someone new to the supplement world, I really have noticed a huge increase in numbers since starting pre-workouts, hence making me dive into the world head-first.

    I started the strenduro workout about 3 weeks before I started taking jack3d (i did take an nzero X but it sucked) and I instantly increased all weight on all lifts. Some by a lot, some almost by double. That right there, gives you the determination and motivation you cannot find anywhere else. The tingly arms as you drive to the gym, the focus you get when you get there. Nothing else in the gym matters which allows me to focus 100% on hitting it and hitting it hard. As Robert said, it's almost like an angry feeling and I take it out on the free-weights (or whatever I am doing that day)

    I honestly cannot imagine ever going to the gym without taking jack3d (and now creatine)

    As far as Creatine goes, (beyond the itchy bumps lol), I have noticed huge gains in 2 major areas. My shoulders/traps and my latissimus dorsi (broadest part of back). Can't complain about that.

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    Funny story. My wife and I are staying with my brother until my job ends (because I deploy soon) and it's quite a ways from my gym (Powerhouse Gym afilliate) and so I started going to the local gym (very small).

    Regardless, coming from a Powerhouse Gym to a small local gym is a huge difference. Not only inthe equipment but also in the lifters around me. It's a lot of local kids (in high school) and older gentlmen that aren't into lifting and supplements. When I am at Powerhouse, a lot of members take supplements so everyone is pretty focused and zones into their workout but at this local gym everyone is laughing and joking and running around being idiots and I snapped at an older gentlemen last night for taking forever to do his sets on a machine I was waiting for. He would do a set and then walk away and chit chat to some buddies so I went up and started using it (adjusted it, wiped it clean) and he came over and yelled at me to wait my turn. Mind you, I am all energized up and focused and this guy is slowing me down. Needless to say I told him to either get on the machine and finish his sets and stop walking away or get out of my way so I can lift seriously.

    When I take supplements I HAVE to finish my workout. I feel incomplete when I don't. I love the feeling, I love the focus, energy and most importantly the results.

    It's all about results.

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