For most of the exercises mentioned on this thread I have had hate moments…I found though that my hate came mostly from not doing the exercise properly because of my lack of experience. I just started lifting seriously November 2010. I had researched for a few weeks, picked a strength program, and then over the first 2 months struggled with (and felt) the effects of working out on my body, some negative. I had aching wrists and ankles, calluses, and lots of soreness in areas that I didn’t realize I had worked. I dreaded some of the exercises. As I researched more and tried to correct I learned that something that looks as simple as a squat has many nuances that if not known and understood, can really make it hellish while doing and especially after…you would think that would have been obvious to me earlier on.

Anyway, sometime around the 3rd month, I made a point of focusing on form which immediately improved some of the negative things I was experiencing and not too long after resulted in noticeable gains that I had been hoping for. I know now the way I should feel during and after lifting and getting it right makes me love it.

Once dreaded now loved exercises:
Bench Press