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    Quote Originally Posted by Mvthai View Post
    But I really don't know if the online calculation is correct, because I have been working and living this life style for over 10 years and have never eat this much food in a day in my life and I am still the same weight.. something just doesn't add up. This is not normal, because I am stuffing myself like a pig and still no gaining weight.
    You're right the calculation is probably a very rough estimate.
    But... remember you're now exercising more than you used to be. Exercise of any form (including weight training) increases your energy requirements and your metabolic rate... that's before you consider any extra needed for muscle growth.

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    I'm sorry but I'm new to this posting thing.. I'm kinda old.. Haha.. How do I link it exactly?

    I click on "share" my routine but nothing happens... maybe it's already in jefit database but I don't know how to like it here..
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