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    What is the best anti diet?

    Have a balanced diet - include cereals, pulses, fruit and vegetables in good amounts. Limit fats and sugars.
    Have a variety of foods.

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    What is the best anti diet?

    I think I can speak for many people when I say I've tried every diet under the sun. I have even tried them multiple times. I had joined Weight Watchers so many times that I would drive to other cities so they wouldn't recognize me. I even lost a lot of weight on a very expensive program that required daily weigh-ins and a whopping 440 calories a day.
    Sad, I know. Did any of them really work? Unfortunately no, they didn't, at least for me. Then one day I decided enough is enough. I was so focused on food and what I was allowed to eat next and I knew it was wrong.
    So I decided to accept myself for who I am, and to simply try my best. I made no promises other than than to try to eat as healthy as I could, which included portion control. However I told myself if I wanted a sweet or if I was eating out, that I wasn't going to punish myself.

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    We have to maintain an balanced diet which involves every thing like vitamins, protein,carbohydrates and so on....but be specific while choosing your food items.

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    I agree with you!
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    Well dieting is not a good option to loose weight but i heard a term Eat more loose more and i was pretty impresses by the way they suggest weight loss. Weight gain is all because of unhealthy eating habits and eating in excess. If we eat all in the optimum quantity w e never need to face any difficulty. Well a new diet plan called Keto diet is very famous today in this we don't consume any carbohydrates and only take proteins and fats.

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