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Thread: Tht routine

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    Tht routine

    Does anyone have a THT routine setup to fit within the Jefit app?

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    Just had a quick read up about THT routines, and from all i can see is it's based upon the amount of weight, reps and rest you have ie pushing yourself to the maximum everytime, aiming to increase reps each time, having a decent break inbetween etc so your actual routine shouldn't really effect it, it's just focused on HOW you do your routine

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    Interesting concept. It's close to my current routine with the exception that I don't do 6-9 sets with 2-3 minutes. I do 4 sets with 60-90 seconds rest.

    Seems like a very intense program. I haven't seen any posted in the routine database, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. Really need a search feature and tag support.
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