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    I want to optimize my workout

    Hello! I train at home. I read from a study that it is better to hit the same muscles twice per week for best growth.
    I wonder (since it did not say there), would it be better if I stay with the same exact exercise for each muscle or if I vary between two different exercises within the week (switching between chest push ups and flys for example, or hammer curl and concentrated)?
    I hope I am making sense here

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    Mixing them up a bit is best, ie bench press first time and dumbell bench press second time

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    My trainer always says that each person is different and each person will react differently to a particular way of exercising. I will pass his advice to you; test what is working for you and stick by it.

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    It's actually individual and depends on the type of body a lot. However mixing a bit will never harm. It is also important not to stress out your body and mind. If you are a student or are working hard it's important to redistribute the tension wisely. You can [URL=""]see page[/URL] which will help you get rid of any paperwork and stay focused on training.
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    This question interesting to me too. Now I'm going to the GYM and I'm not sure about my racion. I found useful information on this [URL=""]site see it here[/URL] I saw many recomendation there.

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    I do a full body dumbbell program 3 times per week that has brought me great success. I switch it up all the time, barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press and push ups for an example. Switching up the exercises keeps it interesting and fun!

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    I now have a great desire to bring myself into shape. I dropped everything to the background. I give my job for essays-service . com and now I go to the gym every day.
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    What do you realy want?

    I believe that you are doing everything right. I prefer fast 10-minute muscle shock workout with a dumbbells and then I add 15 minutes of training with such a thing **************bestadvisor*****/slide-boards to correct the inner part of the thighs. I try to focus on problem areas to save time.The meaning of the enhanced training is that it is accelerated variable exercises with different equipment. But if you do not repeat weekly trainings for the same muscles, what result will you achieve? There is no essential. This is the essence. If you want just to keep the whole body in shape and feel harmonious, nothing better than yoga has been invented. Good luck in this big and difficult stuff!

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