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    Suggestion: charts

    Do you think we can add charts? Would be nice to see progress of weights via charts. I think would be quite motivational.

    I use Libra app to chart my weight loss, and something like that (for body weight and for lifted weight progression) would be very welcome.

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    If you have Adobe Flash installed as a plug-in for your browser, it can draw graphs of your body stats and 1RM weight estimates for every exercise you've logged on the Jefit web site. The graphs default to the entire time scale for which you have logged data but there are handles you can drag to alter the start and end times.

    Essentially you just click on a stat (e.g. your weight or chest size on your Body Stats page) or on the name of an exercise in one of your log entries.

    For example, here's the history of my 1RM estimates for dumbbell lateral raise:

    Click image for larger version. 

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