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    Question Putting on muscle sets question

    Read a lot, and watched a lot of videos, could not really find anything to confirm or bust my question.

    For putting on upper body muscle sets, how does this sound?

    4 sets. All 2-3 second negatives.
    set 1. 15 reps
    set 2. 10-12 reps (increase weight)
    set 3. 8-10 reps (increase weight)
    set 4. 4-6 reps (increase weight) (possibly drop set)

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    My understanding is less reps, more weight would be best for this.

    set 1. 5 reps
    set 2. 5 reps (increase weight)
    set 3. 5 reps (increase weight)
    set 4. 2-4 reps (increase weight)
    set 5. 1-3 reps (max weight)

    Then just make sure you are getting enough protein

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