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Thread: Gain weight

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    Gain weight


    Help.................. I am trying to gain wait without fat , I am stuck on 68-69K :-(
    I am 185cm (see my profile for more data)
    how can I do that ?

    I take 5 meals a day but I avoid fat sugar and salt .....

    When I started to workout I was 59K ... yes yes I know I know but then I reached 74K but with too much fat % (around 16.7%) so I started to be more carful with what I eat but now I just stuck on 68-69K.

    looks like catch 22 as I would like to keep (and develop more) my abs and body but without fat so how ?? (see my profile with progress picture any feedback is welcomed)

    Any help will be much appreciated ,

    thank you all,

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    Why dont you eat fat? you do know some fats are good for you like Fish, Bacon and so on.

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    I'm assuming you're male but you didn't say. Seriously when you say you workout, just what sort of exercises are you doing and what intensity? Specifically, what weights are you squatting and deadlifting; how many reps and sets of each; how often?

    I stayed at about 83kg for decades - whether or not I 'worked out'. Took up powerlifting and Olympic lifting and my weight shot up to 90kg+ within weeks - most of it muscle.

    People who are naturally lean and struggle to gain weight need to up their training and eat accordingly.

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    Thumbs up Gain Weight in Healthy Way

    You can checkout my Quora answer for "How can I gain weight (muscle mass) in a healthy way?"
    Go to Quora then search this question and search me "Sachin Shubham".
    You got every details about weight gain.

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    The beginnings are always hard[URL=""].[/URL] I just googled stuff. Of course, there's a lot of useless information online but if you take a day-two for research you might be surprised. You might try diet pills as well

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    Hi! one thing to gain weight is to eat plenty of healthy fats. Eat your egg yolks, meat with animal fat, coconut oil, and other healthy fats. Increase caloric intake - of the healthy kind of course. So those bananas count well here.

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    If you want to gaining your weight then you should change your diet plan and your should protein food like pluses, milk, cheese, ghee etc.

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    Take a nutri diet like take protein food egg , fish, neglect oily food . And do exercise use [URL=""]Urethane Dumbbells[/URL] for a exercise in a morning.

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    some people have been known to drink a gallon of whole milk a day..
    Others eat tons of carbs...

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