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Thread: Breaks!

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    ****K I LOVE BREAKS!!

    Had 4 days off the gym (only 1 was a workout day) and just had full on rest

    Returned with a newish routine today and ****K ITS GREAT!!

    Bench press 1RM - 73 up from 69
    Decline bench - 69 up from 65
    Dips - 78 (up from 78 last time)
    machine Fly - 46 up from 40
    push down - 33 up from 32

    even apart from the insane focus and extra strength, after i finished my workout, i did an extra 2 sets of dumbell pullovers, and an extra 2 sets of Flies at about 5kg more than normal! and STILL feel like if my arms wern't dead i could do the whole workout again, practically broke into a sprint walking home i was that hyped up!!!

    The only bad thing is i've gotta wait until thursday to go again!!

    LOVE IT!!!

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    Breaks are needed for sure. I know that helps me focus.
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