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    Superset in Jefit are not really a superset

    Hi everybody,
    I'm using jefit app, great! It is exactly what I was looking for.
    Today I add a superset excercise but I found out it is a Jump set and not a superset.

    A super set means you perform an excercise and without rest you do another. This is not happening in Jefit. In Jefit you do a set of first exercise, rest and then a set of the other. This is not a Super set, this is a jump set.

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    If you set the rest timer to zero between the two exercises you are trying to superset, it becomes a superset as you go from one to the other. You can then set a rest time after the second exercise (between sets)

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    Good to know...but where I can set for the rest time between the excercise? Cannot find it...thanks in advance...

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    In the app or on the computer?

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    Ok thanks i found out... It was very easy

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    Alternately, I think you can click the button that looks like an old 3.5" floppy, located at the bottom right next to the save and rest blue button for the first exercise of the SS. This bypasses the timer and just saves it.

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