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    Food for weight gain

    Well i am not on diet and kindly tell me any food that is good for weight gain because i need to gain weight. I am 70 kg and my height is 6 feet. Kindly suggest me any food that is better for gain weight.

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    Anything high in calories is good really
    Just try to avoid fatty things, things with alot of fat sugars etc in arn't gonna be much help and they'll just make you fat

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    Well,thanks for sharing useful information...Eat more and more.....In my point of view drinking milk with honey is the best way to gain weight... !

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    Hello Friend,

    Thanks for regarding your information. I would like to say that, if your gain the weight you should make the schedule of the exercise and diet program and follow it regularly. Another thing is that you should concern with the doctor to prescribe the protein powder and multi vitamin medicines or thinks.

    Thanks a lot for your help!!
    Reid Wilson

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    In my opinion high calories food and protein is best for weight gain. You can eat eggs and vegetables. Protein shake is good for weight gain. Bodybuilders drink protein shake regularly.

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    Food for weight gain should contain nutritious, high calorie foods. carbohydrate
    is also assential part for the weight gain. The diet for the carbohydrate meal bread, potatoes, brown
    rice, pasta, couscous,fresh and dried fruits.

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    I thinks the Egg protein supplements are awesome to gain size,...
    and the use of eggs with boil potatoes simply are also useful one to gain maximum size quickly,..
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    Hi Albert,
    List of some food helps you in gaining weight, do add them in your daily meals.
    Baked potatoes, granola, pasta, fried food, white flour products. Drink fruit juice in packages and soft drinks.
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    Eat lots of good calories. Get them from protein and complex carbs.

    Avoid eating fats, and avoid eating bad carbs (sugars).

    If you do not bother to take in good carbs, your body will eat your muscles to replenish the lost energy and then you'll never gain any weight.

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    I think healthy foods are so good for weight gain like mutton, chicken, fishes and white eggs etc.....

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