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    Anthony's Public Log

    Starting this log to trak my progession and also to get any feedback on my routine. I'll post a link in a bit to the routine I submitted. Mostly I follow the routine, then do a couple lifts where I feel I could use a little extra work that day.

    I was 5'10" 198lbs 40% body fat in January, down to 170lbs 15%-20%(haven't measured recently) now. Was just wanting to lose some weight and fat before, but now I'm wanting to become a serious lifter, building strength and mass. Again, any suggestions are welcome.

    6/5/11 Work Out (Legs) weight all in lbs

    2 Scoops C4 before workout

    Dumbbell Side Bend 55.0x20,65.0x20,65.0x20

    Seated Leg Curl 152.0x11,152.0x10,152.0x12

    Leg Extensions 115.0x10,115.0x12,115.0x10

    Front Barbell Squat 185.0x9,175.0x10,175.0x8

    Decline Oblique Crunch till fail 3 sets

    Rocking Standing Calf Raise 205.0x20,205.0x25,205.0x23

    Seated Calf Raise 160.0x10,160.0x10,160.0x10

    Straight Leg Calf Press 280.0x35,360.0x20,400.0x17

    Sit Up till failure 3 sets

    Dumbbell Decline Fly 60x8,60x6,45x8

    Hammer Curls 60x8,60x8,90x8

    Dumbbell Shoulder Shrug 180x15,180x12,180x11

    Palms-Up Barbell Wrist Curl Over A Bench 50x15,50x13

    30 min Elliptical

    2 Scoops Muscle Milk Chocolate after
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