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    Here it is. The one you've all been awaiting with bated breath....or not.

    In January of 2011, I started out like most guys with running and "blind" dieting. I gradually added a little random weight lifting with no real routine. I just knew I needed to lose weight and get stronger.

    Somewhere in March of 2011 I found Jefit. I still had no idea what I was supposed to do. So I read. Then read more. Eventually I cobbled together a routine:
    Simple Beginner Plan - [URL][/URL]

    This routine was based largely on a beginner routine from I ran with it for about 2 months and oddly enough it worked. I highly recommend that to all beginners.

    Before & After Pic [will hopefully keep updated]

    Current Routine [updated ?]: ?

    Height: 5' 11"
    Start Date: 03.01.2011
    Starting Weight: 199lbs
    Starting BF%: 29%
    Starting Bench: 95lbs [not 1RM]
    Starting Deadlift: (too scared to try)
    Starting Squat: (too scared to try)

    Current Weight: 205lbs
    Current BF%: 24% (BIA)
    Current Bench: 250x6, 255x5, 265x1 [not 1RM]
    Current Military Press: 130x5 & 140x1 [not 1RM]
    Current Deadlift: 365x4 & 390x1 [not 1RM]
    Current Squat: 315x13 & & 335x10 & 390x2 [not 1RM]

    Goal Weight: 185lbs
    Goal BF%: <15%
    Goal Bench: 275lbs
    Goal Military Press: 160lbs
    Goal Deadlift: 350lbs [ACHIEVED 01-27-2012]
    New Goal 400lbs
    Goal Squat: First - 300lbs [ACHIEVED 12-21-2011]
    Second - 375lbs [ACHIEVED 07-09-2012]
    Third - 405lbs [ACHIEVED 09-11-2012]
    Fourth - 425lbs

    Stats Sheet


    Current Pre-Workout:ON PRE-
    Current Protein: Whatever is a good deal
    Current Multi-Vitamin: Controlled Labs Orange Triad

    Diet Plan [varies slightly]
    Eat Food!
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