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    Hello JEFIT Forum

    Hi everyone,

    Just signed in Jefit forum. I've been starting the workout for couple months already, but as i just bought an adroid phone, i thought it was a good idea to get a workout application.
    To introduce myself briefly, i'm 27, interior designer, french, living and working in shanghai-china.
    i started kind of a diet and workout to put on weight, indeed i was only 65kg for 1,85m of height before i started. now already close to 80kg and willing to go up to 90-95kg in the coming months.

    hope this place will be a good source of ideas, support, and fun.

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    Welcome. You'll find plenty of ideas and help here. The community here is very friendly.

    How do you like Shanghai? My previous job had offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
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