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    Benefit of Doing Alternating Dumbbell vs. Together

    Is there a benefit to doing alternating curls (or any other dumbbell exercise) compared to working both arms at the same time?

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    Kills more time!

    Seriously, you may be able to 'cheat' a bit more weight or a couple more reps by dint of bringing more muscles into play (e.g. your obliques to swing the active side forward when doing a standing biceps curl). Most dumbbell exercises (curls especially) are isolation exercises - so their purpose is to concentrate on working a very limited set of muscles articulating one joint (elbow flexors in the case of curls). For this reason I prefer to work sides both together, maintaining stricter form.

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    Im not sure I agree. Every exercise is different and not better or worse.

    Alternative doesn't add much to your biceps but does work your core a lot more. But John is right it is much easier to cheat and you definitely shouldn't let your bicep relax while you are alternating as you kill the time under tension.

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