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    Question Full body vs. Specific body part workouts?

    I'm sure this question has been posted before but...

    What’s better? Doing a full body routine 3x a week or focusing on different parts of the body each workout? My goal is weight loss, if that makes a difference in your response

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    hey Mike, good question! It really depends on how you plan to lose weight. Ultimately, there's only one thing you must achieve - CALORIE DEFICIT i.e. you spend more calories a day than you consume.

    There are only 2 ways to do this: 1) diet - eat less than you consume, or 2) exercise - burn more calories than you consume via exercise.

    This obviously doesn't mean that you can't do the 2 simultaneously, not all. however, it's much easier to eat less than to burn more calories. for example, eating a banana is like 80-100 calories - which takes about a mile of running to burn...much easier not to eat the banana.

    my point is, it doesn't really matter how you split up your workouts - if your primary goal is weight loss, then diet is 80% of the challenge. literally.

    trust me, I've tried a bunch of methods and diets, workouts etc - and this is the most straight forward and simple way to view the whole thing. I went from 220lbs to now 178lbs in about 12 months - which I probably would have done faster if I knew what I just described above.

    if you're asking about optimal splits and frequency for building muscles - there are different schools of thought, but I've seen a lot that say scientifically, to hit the same muscle group every 4-5 days for optimal growth.

    PM me if you want links to resources.

    good luck!

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    I agree, diet is important.

    For weight loss I would go for compound movements as they activate more muscles burning more calories and building more muscle (muscles burns calories passively ). You should be fine doing full body three times a week but I always think its better to let your muscles rest a little so something like a push, pull, legs workout might be better.

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    If u goal is Weight loss eat 200 kcal less a day, fullbody with compound excercises u burn more kcal, fullbody u can do only 3 x a week, if u whant to workout more days a week than choose ppl, make sure u hit every muscle 2 x a week.

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