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    Home Equipment

    Hello - I just brought the Gold Gym with barbell, dumb- bells, and leg attachments to work out at home.

    I have never worked out with weight, but I am looking to get in shape at age 42. I am not fat, but have a slight belly. I work late and leave early in the morning (NYC) with 2 young kids. I am trying to fit in 1 hour per day to work out.

    Can anyone recommend a workout routine? I appreciate it!


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    If you have never worked out I would recommend AthleanX, Jeff is by far the most knowledgeable online instructor out there and a lot of people copy his youtube videos. He is great for beginners and advanced as he has videos for each exercise, explains why you are doing something etc.

    I did his full programme and got great results. One thing he will focus on which I agree with is diet is king.

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