Many years ago I spent a two-year stint with veganism, but wasn't on a consistent fitness regimen at the time -I eventually returned to an omnivore diet for a variety of reasons. I started meal prepping consistently in January this year, and figured it would be easy to go vegan again since I'm prepping all my food anyway. Right now, my goals are to build muscle and maintain my body fat percentage at 15 - 18%. I'm aiming for a protein/fat/carb ratio of 30%/30%/40%, and my calories are at about 2400/day.

I'm curious to know what foods vegans bodybuilders are relying on that have the highest ratio of protein grams per calorie. In particular, foods that don't contain soy, since I'm trying to get a wider variety of protein sources in my diet. Here's what I've put in my meal plans so far:

Super-firm tofu
Rice protein powder
Pea protein powder
Powdered peanut butter*
Quorn brand products

I also found this nifty tool on the USDA website that lets you search foods by nutrition content:

Also curious if folks recommend a specific probiotic to help with transitioning from an omnivore diet to a vegan diet -I've been pretty gassy the past few days XD.

*Re: powdered peanut butter, I realize the regular stuff has beneficial fats, so I'll probably switch back to that, but it was a fun high-protein experiment while it lasted.