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    Hi looking for active friends

    Hey guys,
    I'm looking for active members that post workouts and status updates. I like to see people's days and it helps with motivation. So please add me because i am having a hard time finding people that use this app. Even some of the featured members haven't used the app for 3 years.

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    I just started using this app. I am still getting use to how it works. Hopefully it is good. I paid for a one year membership. Do you like using it?

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    I've been using the app for a couple of weeks now and tracking workouts measurements and photos. I just added you

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    Been using the app for about 4 months now. Def helps keep the routine going strong shoot me an add would love to see others workouts as well!

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    Going to be active on this app. ThreeKingsPoint friend me up.

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    Working on getting more int it, been the first week of my fitness journey but definitely add me

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    Just got started myself, just less than a month in. Used to work out pretty regularly - then life got in the way. (wife, kids, job etc) Decided it was time to change that, do something for me. I've added you, feel free to add me as well.

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    I also want to get in touch with active users. You've motivated me to finally send out some requests.


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