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    Hey all just down in the dumps write now too much stress at work new baby is stressing me out, me and my girlfriend are always fighting, i'm always having car problems, i got injured at work so i cant excercise i need a cure for my depression right now....what do i do?

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    Swimming is really good therapy for all the things that you mention, you can even swim while not being 100% physically. Talk to somebody you trust, it can be a friend, family member or even a professional.
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    Having a new addition can be stressful. One key thing is sleep; for the baby and parents. Lack of sleep can lead to depression & anxiety. One thing the wife and I did was to take shifts. I'd take care of the baby early morning since I'd be up anyhow. She would take care of him late evening/night (she's a night owl anyhow). The rest of the time we share responsibility. It meant I had to quit gaming and messing around on the computer for a bit. But you have to give up something. That child is THE highest priority to both of you. Whatever it takes.

    For the injury part, swimming is a great idea if you can. No impact. Check with your doctor to see what they can recommend.
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    Hey thanks guys what you said helped me a lot
    Although I am waiting for the new swimming pool to be built down the road
    I followed most of what u guys said like
    I've really cut down on computer game time although
    I do use the computer a bit to write music I found that I actually
    Like it and feel better and I also feel closer to my new daughter now
    That I'm not playing games all the time so thanks Dev

    I started going back to the gym it sucked at first once u get that ball rolling
    U feel so good and confident like u can do anything again...

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