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    Arrow returning to Jefit (again)

    I'm not new to the app, but returning after several breaks.

    About me:
    39 yrs, from Ireland originally, living in CZ, got a family + dog, working in IT.
    Ran two marathons a long time ago just around the 4-hour mark... then fell off the wagon. I eat, drink and smoke more than I should, and I know it.

    My goal: improve all round strength and fitness, posture, and muscle definition. Reduce % body fat. Make wiser health decisions and get my fitness age under 40 before I turn 40, and keep it there. Take baby steps...

    Happy to connect with others to keep the motivation rolling.

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    Welcome back ... how are you doing getting back on the bandwagon?

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    I'm in similar boat as you... turned 40 last year, got kids, bills, etc. I ran a few marathons about 5 years ago; my best time was 4:15. I joined Jefit at the end of 2017, but stopped using it a couple of months into 2018. I travelled a lot for my last job, so the eating unhealthy, drinking, and smoking picked up. Now I'm trying to focus on doing better; I'd like to run a sub-4 hr marathon in the next year or two.

    Best of luck to you!

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