I have made the decision to start making some changes in my life and health. At 57 I struggle with Type II Diabetes. After a recent blood test that showed that I was heading in the wrong direction I made the command decision to take matters into my own hand. 3 months ago I switched my diet to a Whole Food Plant Based diet and get started with an exercise program. Basically I am doing treadmill at home in the mornings before work during the week and then lifting weights on the weekends. I will track my weight lifting progress through Jefit, but cardio options weren't too attractive to me in the app, so I purchased a fitbit and now track my cardio through the fitbit app. Already my blood sugar is back down to normal ranges and cholesterol is changing to the better very quickly.

Many people think that I am crazy for electing to eat WFPB, but after many books and lectured I learned that I can enjoy the diet but actually thrive from it. I am thinking clearer, I lost a shitload of fat, I feel stronger, faster and seem to have unlimited energy. I feel that I am on my way to excellent health.