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    Post One Year In.

    Hello Lads,

    In the beginning of this year I realized that I was quite overweight and unhealthy and decided to turn my life around. I used to be the type of person that constantly eats junk food, take no notice of calories or macros, and not train at all. My job doesn't help (IT Tech) as it consists on mostly work behind the desk job.

    These are my stats as of January 2018;

    Weight: 83 KG,
    Body-Fat: (around 25% Approximate)
    I implemented a calorie intake of 1.600 Calories

    __________________________________________________ ____________________

    Stats as of today (21/12/1; (Measurements taken with Xiaomi Mi Scale 2)

    Weight: 63 KG,
    Body-Fat: 18.3 %
    Current Calories: 2,400
    Fats - 80 G
    Carbs - 270 G
    Protein - 180 G

    I first started by doing Body-weight HIIT Workout - 30 mins Daily - For around 3 months, until i dropped to circa 70 KG. Afterward I enrolled in a local gym and started weightlifting, High Reps low volume (until i got used to proper movement of workouts and let my body get used to the change). Currently I've been 2 months, lifting for hypertrophy, pushing it all out and including changes such as different workouts, and techniques (drop sets, reverse pyramid, mind muscle connection, time under tension and so on).

    Throughout my journey I also used supplements to help out a bit the following is what I used


    - Vitamin D + Multi Vitamins
    -Fish Oil
    - Protein Powder

    Cutting Phase:
    - CLA + Green Tea
    - BCAA
    - L-Carnitine
    - Glutamine

    Bulking Phase:
    - BCAA
    - Creatine
    - Glutamine
    - Z.M.A

    My current goal is to bulk up to circa 65-70 KG and then go on a good cut before the summer. Im trying to mostly bulk on "Clean Foods" although i still enjoy my weekly cheat Meal or two !

    I am having a slight problem tho as although im eating quite a lot (sometimes force myself to) i still cant bulk up! i stay the same weight or even loose weight sometimes. When i am +2kg in weight i mostly loose it after a day or two since its mostly water weight.

    I know that the simple answer is to increase calories slightly (by circa 200 cals) but do you think io should eat more calorie dense foods such as, Mass gainer instead of whey protein, and more fats/carbs?

    Do you have any tips / comments which could hep me out?
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