First off - the profile pic is NOT me today ... it's me about 10 years ago, when I focused on fitness a lot more than I do these days. However, some life changing events taking place over the next few weeks, including turning 50 today (Mar 21), being laid off from my job of 22 years on Mar 29th, and taking the entire month of April and probably some of May off of work to reset my health and "sharpen my saw" professionally. I generally eat healthy, consistently get up early and head to the gym and a few times a month do 50 mile road bike rides. So I'm no sloth, but I could certainly do any or all of these things better. More focus when working out in the gym, more consistency on the bike, and less wine in the evenings.

I'm a dad to a 5 year old (started late), and foster dad to others 5 or younger who sometimes come and go. Right now it's a 18 day old that was brought to us when he was 5 days old.

I've used Jefit off and on for a long time, but just found the setting to make my profile/posts visible to all Jefit members, not just my online friends - which I have none of yet. Feel free to friend me, keep me honest if you see me slacking, or just to say Hi!