first of all sorry, I am not sure if I posted this in the right section, this is my first post and hello to all!

I would like to see advise if what I'm doing ok to continue or would have a bad outcome in the future? my workout day is M, T, TH, F and rest day is W, SA, SU

I'm currently working out at my home only, my daily work is just sitting in front of the computer at home working as an IT, to relieve stress and to sweat, I'm working out, I'm a father of 3 and i also consider hitting the gym on my town but does not work for me as the nature of my work i need to be on call if needed

Adding Plates in the future is already a progress plan, could someone advise or revise my workout routine? or it is fine?

Any advice would be great, Thanks in Advance!

4x 5lbs plate
2x 10lbs plate
2x 20lbs plate
2x dumbel
1x EZbar
1x barbel

Here is my routine:

Push Up
Barbell Up Right Row
EZ Bar Curl
Barbell Standing Military Press
Barbell Bent Over Row
Barbell Shrug
Dumbbell Lateral Raise
Dumbbell Front Two Raise


Sit Up
Single Bench Dip
Barbell Standing Press Behind The Neck
Barbell Deadlift
Barbell Floor Calf Raise
Dumbbell Squat
Dumbbell Arnold Press
Dumbbell Seated Bent Over Reverse Fly
Dumbbell Forward Lunge Triceps Extension
Dumbbell Two Arm Side Bend