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    new here and to weight training

    Hi everyone!
    I am new here and also to weight training / gym.
    I am woman 37y.

    I was a (moderate) runner and I had to stop because I started with plantar fasciitis and then other problems.
    Still undiagnosed, though I have chronic leg pain, which is suspected to be piriformis.
    (glute, hamstring, but also groin and quad).

    To try strenghten I joined the gym and I am quite happy to do so, but I do need to be careful with what I do.

    I have done few sessions with a personal trainer and now I am going on my own.
    Will get few other sessions soon to check the progression and get new inputs.

    I am happy to connect to other people, get suggestions and so on

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    Welcome, my suggestions keep it simple, 21st-century weight training = less is more, meaning training smarty.

    Don't overdo it, New people tend to go all in and that generally leads to not sticking with it because it hurts or it makes them feel uncomfortable.

    Like anything, if its not fun you will not stick with it. Keep it FUN!

    if its fun then you are going to want to go to the gym.

    lastly, do not punish your self if you miss a day or have a bad day, there is always tomorrow.

    good luck, any questions just ask

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