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    No elite credits after 1000 consumable points

    How do you exchange points for elite status for a month? I have over 1000 points but my elite credits are still 0 and I don't see anywhere that allows me to do it without paying for it. Am I missing something?

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    I have an android, and when I go on my app, I go on the uppwer left hand side there the 3 lines are. This opens my account page. Then I select "Activity Points". When that opens,I go to the upper right side and click on what looks like a little gift box in that corner. This will open to show how many consumable points you can use. You will see a box that says "months". type in "1". 1 month = 1,000 points. Click "Redeem", then it will let you have Elite for 1 month.

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    AHHHH! I have an iphone but I see the same thing. Man, they could have made it a lot easier if they would have just put it under 'elite credits' so it would make some kind of sense instead of hiding it behind some meaningless symbol hidden in the corner. Thank you, Sharon.

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