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    Hey's time to look good naked!

    I'm a social worker from Germany and two-year gym member / now six month regular gym goer...I really mean it this time

    Still in the trial & error phase but trying to learn more and more about muscle building and diet. I also run. Ultimate goal (as one saying goes): Looking good naked!

    Looking for inspiration, motivation & information, so if you like friend me! As I don't have any real-life friends who work out I'd be happy to be part of this community.

    So...see ya, I guess

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    I am not going to touch the looking good naked part but if you run, most people I know who run are pretty lean and look good in a bathing suit.

    What are you trying to achieve in the gym? just looks? bulk up? add definition?

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    Thx for the reply! The "achievement" question is a good one as I'm still a little unclear about my priorities. Looks (via bulking up, for now) are an important part. But when I first started hitting the free weight section a few weeks ago and began doing the big compound exercises like bench pressing or squats I became more ambitious to get stronger. I use sites like this one ( to get an orientation as to where I stand compared to others (very, very low as by now) and try to climb up the athletic hierarchy while not getting hurt trying.
    Going to start a new job next month, so the next challenge will be to keep up my routine under different circumstances...

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