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    increasing weight each set?

    Hi everyone,
    I am doing strenght training consistently for a few weeks now.

    I started with a personal trainer which showed some exercises for the beginning, mainly with dumbells because I want to be sure to not train asymmetrically.

    Anyway, he had me doing the exercises starting the first set with a "light" weight, increasing at the second set and increasing again at the third set.
    When the third set would be too easy, the next time I would start the first with a kg more and so on.

    For example, I do dumbell incline chest press starting 7kgx8, 8kgx8, 9kgx8.
    When the 9kg will be "easy" (at the moment I cannot even complete it with the left arm), I will do 8*8, 9*8,10*8 and so on.

    Does this make sense?

    I am reading stuff online and I read that the first set should be for warm up, but the following sets should be with the higher weight.

    Thanks a lot

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    Hi there, If you are just starting I would keep it simple. You are not going to be a pro bodybuilder I am guessing, you just want to get in some shape and or you just like to lift.

    I would not worry about warm-up sets. Do a general warmup to get the body going, I do jump rope or something.

    The first thing about lifting it, it's not the weight or how many reps it's the quality of the reps and weights.
    What I mean by this is 10 quality reps is better than 15 reps where you have to cheat to get the last few done. make sense?
    I use 3 sets by 15 reps for general fitness because I just like to lift. If I am struggling to get 15 quality reps I will pause, get my breathe and go back and finish in good form and intensity.

    In the beginning, all of this online and millions of fitness bloggers can be WAY over the top. it's easy to get misinformation or to take information on board that is not right for you in the journey you are on at the moment.
    For example, I would not recommend a powerlifting routine for you at this part of your journey you just don't have enough practice yet and you don't know your body yet.

    Start simple and modify down the road as needed, you don't need to superset (working one muscle tying in back to back sets) and you don't need to pyramid sets ( working up to a certain near max weight and then dropping back to where you started)
    example of pyramid or drop sets. set 1 10kg set 2 12kg set 3 15 kg set 4 12 kg set 5 10kg. Doing those types of reps and sets is for advanced workouts.

    In my opinon, you should be working on 3 set x 15 (good quality reps) then once get a feel for your body and how it's responding or not responding, only then do you get too granular sets and reps (supersets and drop sets)

    Remember a rep has 3 parts, contraction or extension of the muscle, then pause for 1 second then a slow return to complete one rep.

    let us take bicep curls, for example, I use 2 sec to contract the muscle, 1-sec pause and squeeze the bicep at the "top" contracted, then 3-second return down to complete one rep.

    2-1-3, this goes for everything from bicep curls to benchpress to squats. slower on the concentric. In modern weight lifting, less is more.

    Any questions mate, just ask. Good luck!
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