So, up to about 2012 I was in the gym daily for a number of years. There were times I would slack off and miss some time, but the majority of the time I was on a routine. For the times i did stop, I would always return with a "friend". These friends were well versed in the weight lifting and fitness world, however, they were not trainers. They did know what they were doing, and I wanted a body like them. But, they were so used to their routines, they had no idea how to help me. So without fail, everytime I would return to the gym after a hiatus, my friend would end up killing me. I swear, i remember vividly not being able to return for a week after that first day. Not able to wipe my ass, lay down, sit in a chair, or even lay down in the bed properly. My job now is physical, and requires good movement. I wanted to return to the gym, but didn't want to be incapacitated for days. I was able to get a REAL trainer, and returned to the gym last week. And let me tell you...although i did hurt my first week, I never felt better. This guy did not push me to the point of failure, and helped me out on my own pace. He did what he was suppossed to do, and it has made it a huge noticeable difference. I just finished up my first day on week two, and I feel amazing. Through dieting and excersize (not even strict dieting) I have lost over 15 pounds in several weeks, nearly ten of them in the last week alone. I look forward to continuing this endeaver.