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    Unhappy [SOLVED] JEFIT no longer pre-loads my last workout weights and rep


    I was using Jefit to log my workout this morning but encountered a problem. Somehow, all my old workout records (i.e. weights, reps for each move/routine) no longer gets pre-loaded into new workouts. Instead, all the exercise targets have been reset to a default of 10kg for 10reps, and I'll have to manually adjust the weights each time I switch to a different exercise.

    This is quite annoying as I don't always remember what weights I use and sometimes I try different workout routines.

    Does anyone have similar issues? Hope Jetfit support team can help get this resolved. Been using Jetfit for half a year now, never had this kind of issue before.



    2019 June 23:
    Jetfit has released 10.21 update, looks like the problem is fixed.
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    Hi, same thing happened to me today. And even after I finished and saved the workout, it looks like if I open it again, it’s all defaulted to 10 and 10 again. My phone says the app was updated yesterday so I imagine in trying to fix something else, they’ve created another bug ��*♀️ Hopefully they’ll fix it soon, but you’re not alone!

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    Yea, it seems to be a known issue, and they just released a 10.21 update. Looks like the problem is fixed.

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