Ever since the update where they changed the rest timer, I cannot get JEFit to save any sets that I add during a workout. I had a few exercises that were set up for 4 sets but that I increased to 6 during the workout. Before the update, the extra sets were saved and showed the next time I started the workout. Now it does not. The log shows 6 sets, but when I start a new workout the app calls for just 4, and doesn't show the weight lifted for those added sets from the last workout.
I am sure the 'save set changes' is visible. This is about the 3rd week I have had the problem. First I thought the updates may have rolled back the data, so I just made my changes. Once they weren't save the next week, I made sure to let the timer run out and switch to the next exercise on its own since I thought that might be the issue. Today, I had to add the sets back in again. I checked my log from today's workout and the extra sets show, but then I started a new workout and the changes reverted.