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    Hello from Memphis, TN area

    Restarted my life of fitness in Jan 2019 and I have enjoyed the initial quick body fat loss. Now it is slowing down a bit and I need to focus a bit more. I look forward to making new motivating and fun friends here. Turning 51 in a few days and feeling awesome. Lets get it on and have an awesome time doing our thing!

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    Welcome, I can say Jefit is an epic application, but not many people here are very talkative. I have seen posts that have gone for months and no one replies. I try to get in here at the start of each week at least when I pop in to see if I want to change this or that on my weekly routines.

    I too have restarted my fitness this year, I just turned 60 and I am finding it is even more important to be fit as we get older than it was in my younger days.

    Anyway, any questions or just want to chat hit me up, best of luck to you sir.

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