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    New to Jetfit from Finland

    Maybe its time to introduce myself, been a member for almost month. So i am a relative newbie working out on the the gym "since January"

    Why did begin to work out, i did weight 286 ib/130 kg and did get diagnose of diabetes 2, it was a wake up call for me and the doctor did recommend working out muscle is good against diabetes.

    So i did cut all sugar and unhealthy food and combined with gym, lost 55 pounds/25 kg. I have still some more pounds to loose, to my weight goal.

    I did try different programs and apps. I think for the moment this is the best app i have been using, i miss some functions in the app.

    I hope i learn some tips and trix in the community.
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    Hi Joel,

    I'm still new to Jefit and somewhat new to strength training. Congrats on your weight loss, that's amazing! I've already lost 45 lbs and made goal, now I want to get fit as well. So far I like this app for gym workouts. I'll add you as a friend!


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