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    Wear OS and JEFIT

    I have a ticwatch E with the latest Wear OS and I am trying to log my session in JEFIT without having to constantly get the phone out my pocket. When I open the app on the watch I get "please navigate to the weight rep recording screen of your device". Only if my phone screen is in the weight/rep screen can I input information. Turning my phone screen off gets me back to the warning. Is there a way to log in weight and reps while the screen is off?

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    I have a Huawei Watch 2 and I'm experiencing exactly the same. I couldn't find a way to let the app on my watch keep running while my phone's screen locked.
    I need to keep my phone's screen unlocked and I need to keep the weight/reps recording page open on my phone to let my watch run the app.
    A watch app which runs like that doesn't make any sense and doesn't help to keep the phone in the pocket.

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    Can someone for JEFIT respond to this? it would be great to seemlessly use the watch app.

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    Any news there?

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    Any update on this? Just bought a Fossil Sport...mainly to use in gym with Jefit, but it seems to be rubbish on the watch. Really disappointed

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