This is my first time posting
Overall my goal is to become bigger and stronger, i do hypertrophy/strength programs, eat 3k cals/day @ 6 meals/day but want to make sure my body fat doesnt cover up all my hard work! So im currently on a fat loss program where i eat 2.5k cals/day @ 6 meals/day and the program has 3x 4 week parts. Since i dont want my gains to deteriorate, should i do 1 part of the fat loss program, get my body fat % measured, and judge from that measurement if i should switch to strength/hypertrophy or continue to part 2 of the fat loss program? Or should i just do the 3 parts of the fat loss program in a row and get my body fat measured at the end? I want to get rid of body fat but dont want to lose too much muscle in the process. Do fat loss programs increase catabolism? Thank you!