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    Lightbulb HIIT via Spin Bikes with Intervals input into app

    Most of the HIIT's are using different machines BUT they all come down to the fact when you put it in the app of your program, you can only really run it under Cardio which then only runs it in minutes.
    Would be good to be able to add the settings I use in my Interval timer so that as the weeks progress that is getting updated and can track the improvement on the interval training

    eg 5 sets of 20 second bursts with 60 second rests.

    Is this possible, I reckon it would be a great addition


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    I wanted to ask a similar question - did you ever figure out a way to do it? I do rounds of three movements usually and so far have just skipped tracking them. Like for example, today I punched a punching bag for 1 minute, then did 30 seconds of stability ball planks, and then did 20 bicycle kicks and I did that for 3 rounds. But I just put it down as something lame like "5 minutes of boxing".

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