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    Proper Apple Watch App

    Is there a proper Apple Watch app on the horizon or is it a lost cause?

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    ive found the apple watch app works fine. but you have to go between the watch and your phone occasionally to see what your weights are for the next exercise in your routine during the rest period. it works awesome for adding weight and reps, sync with the phone occasionally goes out.
    what I would like to see is the app also sync with the rings.

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    The Watchapp does not work without the phone (even the screen has to be on). That is not working fine, that is not even a minimal viable product.

    The phone app on the other hand is the best i have seen. That is why it is so frustrating.
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    Very good Idea, I need the weight and the next exercise too. I hope some developer look at our request !

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    From my experience, the watch app is a joke. It is constantly out of sync, rest timer does not notify you when it is done, rest timer is not even close to what is shown on the actual screen of the phone (completely out of sync). Also, the exercise gets out of sync with the actual exercise you are on through the ios app. makes it pretty unusable. I asked support, and the response I got was that it would be fixed in the next update. That was before the previous update, still not fixed unfortunately.

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    Yep it's a pity.
    Jefit is the best workout app, hands down but the lack of a proper watch app made me switch. Which sucks. I really don't want to carry my phone around in the Gym.

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    Please Jefit devs, make a workable apple watch app ...

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