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    Question Recorded weights not sperate between different workouts

    So the problem is say for example I have a high weight & low rep workout saved called chest 1 and I have a low weight & high rep workout saved as chest 2.
    If do the chest 1 workout and save my sets etc it saves it as it should but then when I do the chest 2 workout the vales are updated on any exercise that is also in chest 1 to be high weight & low weight as per chest 1, rather than keeping the values that I set in chest 2 workout.

    The problem is a continuing problem that if I then save my sets in chest 2 workout it will update the vales of any exercise also in chest 1 to be the low weight & high rep as per chest 2. Please help

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    I'm having this exact same problem. I have 3 custom Workout Routines saved:

    Light: 15 reps, low weight
    Medium: 10 reps, medium weight
    Heavy: 5 reps, heavy weight

    The workouts are all the exact same exercises, with the only differences being as noted above, the reps and weights are different. Yet when I am done with say a Light week, all of those weight values transfer over to Medium. Medium transfers to Heavy, and then finally I'm looking at my max sets but at my Light 15 reps.

    How can we have the Weight values only be remembered for the Workout Routines they were entered for? This is the only reason why I need this app, and to be honest, I'm currently looking at other apps now

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    Hello Jefit,

    I have the same problem, is there meanwhile a solution to log the same excercise in different threds (workout, routine,...)?
    I cannot be intended to create custom excercises with suffix "light" or "heavy" to seperate the log and default values for a workout.

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