Hello Jefit community and welcome to my log.

I am a 30 year old obese guy weighing nothing short of a 110 kg. A couple of months ago I recieved great news - I am going to have a son. Becoming a father has made me question my current lifestyle and its consequences for my parenthood. Do I really want to pass on my current habits to my son? What is the odds that I will be able to see my son grow into a man, if I continue down the current path?

I want to eat healthier, work out more and lose weight. My 30 year old body is not as strong, flexible and forgiving as it once was, and I need to get my sh*t together before its too late.

I have therefore started the endeavour of trying to change my lifestyle - and hopefully also lose weight in the process. I will be using this log to keep track of my frustrations, my experience and progress. I will be posting once a week, evaluering the past week and planning the coming week. Therefore, I suspect my log might differ from the typical training log here, but I hope others can benefit from my frustrations and reflections - and maybe even challenge my view and approach to all this...

I am very inspired by the books 'Atomic Habits' and 'The power of habits', and will attempt to use this approach in a 'go slow to go fast' kind of way. According to both of those books, reflecting about the process as well as finding communities to engage in, is key when trying to lose weight and change habits in general - thus, this log