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    Question Entering Cardio on Previous Days/Pausing the Rest Timer

    I searched and couldn't find anything on the FAQ or in these forums...but I also emailed Support with no answer. (I'm a paid subscriber, if that means anything.)

    1. How do you enter a cardio workout on a previous say, you missed adding (which is quite a pain!) a cardio session for the day so you want to go back and enter it (like it's Wednesday and I want to enter Tuesday's cardio session)?

    2. Is there a way to pause the Rest Timer in a Workout? I can only tap it to ADD time at the end till I can get to the next station - it may be 2 minutes till I can get it setup.

    3. This probably can't happen...but can you delete an exercise while in a workout that you're currently doing - and the timer's running? I accidentally tacked 2 on the end of my workout by accident. I had to zero out all the entries so I could get out of the workout to complete it.

    Thanks for any good information. This is a challenging app to learn.

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    Did you ever figure it out? I'd be interested to know myself.

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    Here's what I dug around (and mainly found out myself):

    If you go into the app on under Progress...tap on the day you want to add a workout...then go to the + sign to add a "LOG" under the little barbell. It took me FOREVER to get that it's a LOG and not an EXERCISE. Geez

    There's no way to pause the rest just have to tap up the time then +/- and then do your thing.

    You can't delete while in the have to skip by it and end it. Then delete it later.

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