I became a gym rat for about 15 years after i had a stroke in '99. I went from 155lbs (5'10" male) to 190lbs with 9%BF over a couple of years and then took it back down to the 170's over a couple of years where I maintained for a decade or so. Three and a half years ago, I stopped working out to have hernia surgery. After 6-8 weeks of recovery, I tried but just never got back into it. Early this year, I was diagnosed with AFib, prehypertension, and a host of other heart-related stuff. I felt fine but the MDs kept finding things to give me medication for. In early June I decided to get back in the gym. I was pushing 190lbs and 30%BF.

I set a 7-day routine of weights and cardio alternating every other day. I started out with the weight days being higher rep/lower weight (12-15 rep, 3 set, 3-day split) and 30-plus minutes of treadmill for cardio. Walking changed to elliptical within a week or two and became hard rowing soon after and is my favorite cardio (for now). I progressed with weights on the 3-day split and just completed a month of a stronglift-type routine. As a gauge, my 1RM bench was 125-ish when I started and is now just shy of 250. I'm at 172 and 18%BF. My goal is 14%BF and weight, well, whatever feels good but probably around the 170 range.

I'm still in the gym every day for a minimum of 30min and never more than 60min. My current cardio routine is rowing every other day for 6km, usually with 40-50 pushups mixed in every 2km. I just started a new routine I call 'Circuit'. I'm hitting every muscle group (8rep, 5set, approx 85% 1RM) every other day. The exercises change each workout day. For example, wide grip lat pulldown Day one, narrow grip Day two, dumbbell one-arm row Day three. So, the same muscle target but a slightly different approach. I've found that I have to keep my muscles guessing otherwise I plateau pretty quickly and my form gets poor. And finally, I'm a long time keto guy - i just feel better in ketosis.

That's my story....as of today.