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    Withings (now Nokia) scale weight and fat % sync

    Is it possible (or is it on the roadmap) to sync weight and fat % numbers that are uploaded from the Withings scale? This would be an awesome feature!

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    We will forward your suggestion to our senior developers, so that they will know what needs to be added in the next coming updates. As we continue to work in progress, we would highly appreciate your patience on this matter.

    Thank you and Happy Lifting!

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    any update on this

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    I am guessing this still hasn't happened yet
    I suspect that the lack of integration will be the biggest downfall of this program

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    Yes, any progress on this? This was lodged with you a year and a half ago and there's still no response from JeFit admin. Any integration? Google Fit is wrong way sync for me and many others.

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    2 Years and no response? Hire some programmers God dammit!

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