Hello everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself to everyone.

I am new to the Jefit community and, basically, a begninner when it comes to working out. I found this app and I think it is EXACTLY what I need to have an effective gym experience. The "Do this for this long or this many times and on this many days" is perfect for me because the main thing I have issues in a gym with is knowing what to do and how to do it...so..I am excited to get started.

I have looked over the community a little but...it is a bit daunting...if I am being honest. SOOOO many custom workouts that everyone has made and I am sure they are all effective in some way or another.

Does anyone have any tips in knowing which ones are good and which ones are not? I such a newb that any of them that I find look good to me and I doubt that this is actually true...so...I am hoping someone can provide me with some guidance on this